Wednesday, February 18, 2009

little sister

All the love/hate buzz about MJ's fall '09 collection, with all its 80s-neon-strong shouldered looks, and I'm zeroed straight in on his little sister collection as usual. Now, granted, I'm no gutsy fashion maven. The things I would invest in are much more commercial looks, with a vintage touch, and this collection was just perfection to me. All the images below are from, and I had a hard to choosing only this many! I loved it all, and am especially enamored with those hiking boots -- I had a pair of brown suede Nike hiking boots with purple, emerald green and gold nylon details back in elementary school. Wish I still had them! Also on my radar are the terrific knits MbMJ's coming up with these days, and the fabulous wool flannel dresses and pants!


malcomama said...

I'm adoring the navy puff-sleeved dot dress!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the new pink bk ground of your web page!!:)

Tina said...

i absolutely love this year's Marc collection!