Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas 2007 Part I

I returned to New York this morning via a red eye flight out of Portland. I can't believe that was a week I just spent there! It wasn't nearly enough time to catch up with family and friends.

I'm happy to report that my Pepere is doing AMAZINGLY well! I was so happy to finally join the rest of my family and support him in person at the hospital. (These first two pictures were taken on the way down to visit him.) The first time I walked into his room, he even had the scarf I made him draped over him. He's just as sharp and funny as he's always been, and the recovery will continue, I'm sure. He is so strong.

Now that I'm back, I can start posting some of the knitted gift reveals! I gave my family their gifts a bit early so I could see them open them in person. One gift that was knitted while there, though, I'll post right now. It wasn't actually planned out, and it was such a quick knit, it would feel wrong to give it it's own post.

It is certainly worth sharing here, though, thanks to the adorable model: Mr. Lil' MC! I knitted him a chunky red elf hat one night out of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky. Agh! Sooo cute! He truly is elfin-like- always cheerful.

More holiday gift knits coming soon!

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malcomama said...

Gorgeous photographs of typical, plentiful Oregonian land, Daph. You have a keen eye. Also, MC's hat is just a HIT! Oma LOVED it today, and also admired your handiwork on Nate's and my hats...