Friday, December 21, 2007

Knitted Christmas Gift #8 Revealed!

Pattern: Oregon Winter Horizon Scarf for my dad, my own pattern

Yarn: Patons' SWS in Natural Wood and Natural Denim, 1 skein each

Needles: Bryspun 29 inch circular needles, size 9


-Pattern: I went to Michael's with my sister early in my visit to buy supplies for fun crafting with her. The plan was that my sister would have a whole day to sit around and do crafts and watch movies and bake cookies...that didn't happen. Anyway, I wanted to knit something simple to keep my hands busy and also because I am teaching my sister to knit, so a plain old garter stitch scarf was the perfect answer. Knitting two rows of each color, I just carried the yarn along the side rather than breaking yarn and weaving in all those ends. Simple, simple, simple. It wasn't really intended to be for anyone, but luckily it had an admirer.

-Yarn: This yarn is lovely to look at! I'm impressed with Patons' new yarn selections. The colorways and yarn content are very nice. Unfortunately, this SWS is pretty itchy when knit up, but it has a fantastic halo. Luckily, my dad LIKED the feel of this scarf against his face, and after testing it out, he asked me who the scarf was for. Sold! The colors I chose for this scarf are evidence of a deep fascination I have with topaz-like browns, blues and greys- reminds me of the ambiguous, shady hues seen along the horizon of the wooded hills in Oregon (hence the project's name). The "Natural Wood" colorway was a solid, but the "Natural Indigo" was an ombre, and I think the color transition looks nice split up between the bars of brown.

-Needles: This was my first chance to use Bryspun's needles, and I really liked them! I have avoided them in the past, thinking plastic couldn't be good, but I admit I was wrong. They're lightweight, flexible, and have a balance of both slick and grip to their surface. The circular cord is very light and bendy. The best thing about them though, is their tips! They're slightly concave, and they seem to grab the yarn when knitting. I loved that!

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Jennifer said...

I've been very busy with holiday preperations, and haven't had much time to comment, but my goodness, this is an impressive list of FOs, and such beautiful things!!! The scarf is wonderful...and look at lil' MC....he's such a handsome boy!