Friday, December 07, 2007

FO: Dog Walking Mittens

How could I not love this dog?

Admittedly, I've now become a DOG PERSON, who will talk obsessively about various characteristics of my dog if prompted, or even if simply not discouraged.

Look at these two. They've become very romantic these days.

But they still wrestle and chase each other constantly.

(I named my latest personal FO "Dog Walking Mittens" just so I'd have an excuse to post pictures of my dog. Shameless, I know.)

Pattern: Dog Walking Mittens, my own pattern

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, colorway 095- just under 1 ball

Needles: Size 8 Brittany birch dpns

Reactions: Knitting these convertible mittens was necessary for two reasons- 1) my fingerless Manos mitts are filthy from 2 years of use and picking out muddy beets at the Saturday market 2) I needed a palate cleanser after all the frantic holiday knitting I've been doing. They were a very quick knit- probably 5.5 hours total, and a stash buster. Bonus points all around!

Pattern- I made it up as I went along, but I've since written out the pattern. On the elevator this morning, a colleague complimented me on the mittens, and asked to borrow the pattern after I told her I'd finished them the night before-- another knitter!!! This is actually the ONLY OTHER KNITTER I've encountered at my work. I'm was so happy with this new discovery, I spent the first hour or so at work typing up the pattern for her.

Yarn- I love Noro Kureyon yarn, though this is only my second time working with it, and it's the same colorway. I find it rustic and charming. It feels great to knit with on birch needles- both are so lightweight and have a kind of waxy texture to them.

(The pictures of my mittens were taken before I bothered to sew on buttons for the mitten cap flaps.)

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