Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knitted Christmas Gift #5 Revealed!

Pattern: Strawberry Hat for Sister J, my own pattern

Yarn: Cascade Pastaza in Cherry, a little less than 1 ball

Needles: Size 8 Brittnay Birch dpns


-Pattern: I had such a time trying to get my sister's gift right this year! Before flying to Portland, I tried 3 different projects, nearly completing each before realizing that it was all wrong, and abandoning it. I was so frustrated to have nothing to show for all my efforts, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish anything in time for the gifting events in Oregon. On my second day, though, I begged my brother to take me to Abundant Yarns, close to my family's house. That night I cast on for the hat, knowing only that I wanted it to be more voluminous than a beanie, but less slouchy than a snood-type hat. The pattern took shape quickly, and soon, I had a final product! I really like the structure of this hat. It's not droopy at all, but instead has a semi-rigid, formable volume to it.

-Yarn: I really love this yarn! While the resulting fabric is a little itchy (luckily, Sis says she's not hyper itch-sensitive), it was soft to work with and has the rustic, slightly thick and thin quality to it that I love. The llama fibers, being longer and sorta wiry, contributed to the structured end product, and provided a nice halo of fuzz.

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